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b. 1986, HK.

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Caly Flora
Kevian Kenya
Bliss Resort
Vert Fresh
Waumini Insurance
Mambo Italia
Pelican Signs
Porini Flowers
Isinya Roses
PJ Dave Group
Manrik Properties
Sterling Quality Group
Hebatullah Brothers
Woni Exporters
Aquila Flowers
Keitt Exporters
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Times are changing, and so are the terms of business and success, that call for greater output with minimal liability. Professionals in every business are becoming increasingly rare - especially those that are at the top of their game, highly experienced, reliable and consistent. That is why hiring full-time designers is no longer feasible. Companies now need to rethink engagement with creatives where they can get just as great the work and commitment that responds to their crisis and challenges. Facing tough, worldwide competition for creative talent, the need to identify the right professional is now the call of the moment.

As consultants, we collaborate with companies in developing their creative needs necessary to be effective, competitive and relevant in the current economy.

With over 20 years in the design, creative, media and advertising industries, we are known to deliver some of the best designs in the industry today.

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